Saturday, 13 October 2012

Abandoned resort, Hong Kong

Abandoned resort at an abandoned village on a no man's village.
This is an abandoned resort in South-East Asia style located at a no man village in Hong Kong. It is said that the decoration was collected from shopping malls.

A long time ago, a family called Wong, found the gold that left by the Japanese military in this village and they got rich with the gold. The Wongs and the descendents later moved out or migrated to other countries.

A Thai seafood restaurant was opened. Rich people went there to have seafood by boat or helicopter. The business went quite well for a while. However, one of the Wong’s descendents increased the rent sharply due to the good business the owner had. Running of the business was getting difficult. Not only the rent, the owner also had to pay much to maintain water and electricity supply as well, as the village is located on an island which was far away from the city. In the end, the restaurant closed down.

Later, a martial actor who was a goner took over the restaurant and invested a lot of money, wanting to run it as a resort but the restaurant could not meet the government’s standard, and closed down in the end.

Now the place is left behind like this:

This is a small room. No idea what the use is.
There is a giraffe in the garden.
A man and a gorilla.
Here was once a restaurant.
Some rich people come here with their boat, to fish or chill out.
View from the top.
An elephant.
More gorilla.
Swimming pool with dead water.
An article was written in Feb 2013 about this forgotten place with clear direction. It aroused people’s attention and some went there and ruined the place…


  1. This place looks like a lot of fun! I'll have to put it on my list for next time...

    1. Yes,it is a lot of fun!!I will be prepared...hehe