Monday, 19 November 2012

Huge abandoned house, Taiwan

The main building.
This is a huge house owned by a famous and talented Taiwanese songwriter. The songwriter said in an interview that he had not been to that house for more than 10 years.The house is built in European style and it is a popular place for shooting.

A well-known idol drama was filmed there, which is part of my childhood. All people around my age in Hong Kong and Taiwan know about this drama. I had so much interest to visit this place, in a way to reminiscing my childhood.

I went there with two local Taiwanese, one of whom I got to know on Couchsurfing, also my host, and the other one is a friend of the host. Although they did not have idea about urban exploration and they were a bit scared as it is said that the house is haunted, they were still very eager to check the address and route for me. (Actually, I did check already but their effort are still very much appreciated. I am so thankful!)

The house was not difficult to access. We did not know the exact address actually. We only knew the road it is on. We just jumped on a taxi from the taxi station. The driver drew along the road and it was easy to spot the house as it is really big!

At first, I thought there was a party going on in there since there were hundreds of people! There were people war gaming, photography shooting, MV making, drama filming...This is the most lively abandoned place I have ever seen. 

One good thing with people in there was that, I could ask for information- directions and dangerous parts. I really wanted to go to the main entrance of the house but it was too big to find it. We ended up asking the war gamers and actors for directions.It should be noted that construction of the house is never finished; hence some parts of the ground are broken or unstable. It was so nice of the war gamers to warn us where not to go. Their information was really helpful.

I am glad that my new friends had much fun from this exploration. They do not resist to going to abandonments now. We are going to explore together again next time when I go to Taiwan.

Setting for shootings by previous visitors.

A random pillar.
No idea what is the use of this room.
Living room.

Maybe a ballroom.

Classic scene of the idol drama.
A guest room.
Living room on 2nd floor.

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