Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Abandoned amusement park, South Korea

This is a small- scaled theme park located in South Korea, which is easily accessible by public transportation. The park is abandoned but not forgotten. Every day there are hikers passing by, regardless of the weather. The day I went there the park was covered with a thick layer of snow and it was -10 degree Celsius; however, the cold weather could not stop the hikers. 

The park is surrounded by a neighbourhood. If one asks about the direction to the park, I am sure everyone in the neighbourhood knows about it.They live peacefully with it. The park is popular among photographers, cosplayers and couples. It was even filmed in a MV of a Korean pop group. In summer, one may run into strangers of the same mind there.

The park in winter looks so much different from summer- much more dramatic and romantic. But the weather was too cold and it was too slippery to walk, so there were only me and my friend, no, actually and a security guard as well, who worked at an office in the castle. He did not seem to care if there were visitors. He only told us it is not allowed to go up to the castle.

There, we can find a lot of cartoon characters all over the world...

Merry-go-round- all time favorite!
Broken ceiling.
A piece of the merry-go-round.
Bumper cars.
Dragon Ball!
Sailor Moon!
Perhaps this area is the junkyard of the park..
Random newspaper.
View from the castle.

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