Monday, 31 December 2012

Transit tunnel, South Korea

A surreal room with a door to the tunnel.
 I decided to celebrate my birthday in an unfamiliar city every year. Although most likely I will not be able to celebrate with my family, I will have had new experience at the beginning of the year already, as my birthday is on the 2nd of January. For 2013, I chose South Korea.

On New Year's Eve, after dinner, we went to a subway tunnel. It was a challenge. We had to climbed up and down.It was too dark. When I climbed down, I could not see the end and I am afraid of height so I was pretty anxious. After maybe two minutes, I finally reached the ground. We saw a corridor. On the left of the corridor, there was a room. We found an unlocked door. In the room, there were just some pipes but the room looked surreal real, like a setting from a movie.

We drank a bit there and then opened another door, which leaded to the railway. We watched the trains pass by. It was an interesting and exciting way to celebrate for a new year indeed!

We had to climb up first to the ladder and then climb down to the corridor.


Another train after a few minutes.

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