Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Abandoned school #4, Hong Kong

Took this on the first few days of Snake Year.
This is a small abandoned village school located in a village. I am not so interested in village schools but this one attracted me with its specimen. The school was a small-scaled primary school with only a few classrooms located in a village. It looks like a random abandonment in a village, so I could not imagine they had specimens as teaching means. I never saw one at my schools, which were more well-facilitated than village schools. Nevertheless, village schools provided pupils more space and the chance of contacts with nature, which other schools located in the city lack.

Same as the fates of other village schools, this school was closed at early 90s too, as the consequence of urbanization.

Main building of the school.
Basketball court.


A sheep.

Not sure if it is also a specimen but creepy.

Teachers' room.
Two bottles contains specimens on the bookshelf.

It's timeless now...

A swing.


Further reading on village schools: Abandoned school #1, Hong Kong


  1. 標本在這 環境加深了死亡味道
    thank you goxphoto@msn.com

    1. Sorry I don't remember either the name of the school or the village...