Sunday, 3 March 2013

Abandoned fire station, Hong Kong

A burnt abandoned fire station.
Ironic enough, an abandoned fire station was on fire, 4 years ago. This fire station has been closed since 1998, after the airport was relocated. Then it was turned to a warehouse to store more than 500 plastic water buffers for the police, which were worth more than 4 million Hong Kong dollars, being used on the day Hong Kong was returned to China.
The fire was so big that it became a 1000-metre column of smoke. What's more, the water there was not enough to put off the fire. The firemen ended up delivering water from standpipes 1km away from the fire scene. 

The fire station is now a popular spot for portraits, especially cosplays. I saw at least three groups of cosplayers there...

The ceiling is burnt down.
A staircase.
A photographer and a cosplayer.
An old cell phone spotted.

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