Saturday, 2 March 2013

Top of Kowloon, Hong Kong

Skyline of Mongkok.
A friend from England, also an urbexer, came for holidays. It is funny how we got to know each other. I was looking up for exploring locations in Moscow and Kiev on the internet and found his site. So I sent him a message. I received his reply the next day. He told me that he was coming to Hong Kong in a week.He was actually looking for abandonments in Hong Kong few hours before receiving my message! He put me in contact with an explorer in Kiev. In return, I showed him the non-touristic part of Hong Kong. I am always pleased to show people Hong Kong.

On the first day we met, after dinner, I brought him to a hotel rooftop in a busy area. The hotel is 40+ floors high. My friend has never seen such a night scene in other countries ever. He was very excited about it and was a good chance to test his new DSLR camera.

From the rooftop, we could have 360 degrees view of the sleepless city. We could see the whole area with old and new residential, as well as commercial buildings. As shown in the photos, many of the skyscrapers are actually residential buildings. We could also see the Hong Kong island side.

Another side.

The world is under my feet.
Trying to overcome Acrophobia.

Up there, my heart was pounding fast; my legs were buckling. I felt alive. It was another fulfilling rooftopping experience.

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