Sunday, 21 April 2013

Abandoned park #1, Hong Kong

Lamp posts from 90s in an abandoned park.

There is a ridiculously big park in Hong Kong, which was built in 1992, occupying 27 hectares of land. It is never open to public and has been closed(abandoned) for more than 20 years. Despite of its size, only few residents in that district know about this place. 

Inside the park, it is a bit hilly in an artificial way- the former use of the land was a landfill. Only after the landfill was fully utilized, it was turned to a park. It was supposed to be open to the public; however, flammable gases were found to release from the rubbish under the grass, which means, if one smokes near or inside the park, there may be exploration. Due to the release of toxic gases, the park is closed until now.

What it will become, not surprisingly, the government seems to have no plan yet. This is sarcastic enough since it is always said that there are too many people but only little flat land. Many people do not have a home while there are a lot of abandoned places without any use. Sometimes I wonder what's in the officials' minds.

The way to the park.
Lack of maintenance.
Toilets in awkward style.
Stones for research.
The bridge connects to civilized world.

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