Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Chernobyl/ Pripyat, Ukraine Pt.2

Kindergarten in Kopachi.
After visiting the monument to the fire fighters, the tour bus stopped in front of a kindergarten in a village called Kopachi. Kopachi is abandoned since 1986 after the disaster. It is located about 4km from the nuclear plant, south- west of Pripyat River Basin. As for an experiment, all the building were either torn down or buried. Everything is under earth, leaving only this kindergarten and a WWII memorial stand there.  Since the disaster, the village has become part of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

It is safe to walk into the kindergarten. I guess there are people maintaining this place so that it will not collapse and will be safe for tourists. The classroom to me is quite big, with a few classrooms and sleeping rooms. There are some toys and books left behind. The kindergarten was somehow "touristic" though... As told by a Ukrainian friend, it was "decorated" by the tourist manager...Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Chernobyl is not so appealing to Ukrainian/ Russian explorers.But still, there are some interesting stuff to see.

We could only spend around 10 minutes there and then move to next destination. It was not easy to walk on the thick snow and I almost fell for few times. After visiting the kindergarten, my socks were all soaked...I advise you to wear rain boots if you go in winter.

At the door of the kindergarten.

A creepy doll with a book which is written in Russian. So I was wondering if the kids had to learn Russian in kindergarten during the Soviet Union time.


Sleeping room.

More creepy dolls.

A notebook.

A corner in a classroom.

Some toys. Could be decorated by tourist manager.


Another sleeping room.

Only the memorial and the kindergarten still stand in the village.

Chernobyl/ Pripyat, Ukraine Pt.3: Reactor no.4


  1. I visited Pripyat too, though in summer (2012), so it is great to see how your photos contrast with mine, all covered in snow!

    1. Yea I have seen photos without snow. so much different!