Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Chernobyl/ Pripyat, Ukraine Pt.3

Before entering Pripyat, the abandoned city, we had a chance to get closer to the reactors. First we looked at the reactors from distance. Looking at them under the sunny weather, no one could imagine a tragic disaster happened 27 years ago. After taking a few photos, we got closer to reactor no.4, the one which exploded. Around the reactor, there is a monument dedicated to the victims, which was built 20 years after the disaster. There is also a construction site nearby. We were not allowed to take photos of the construction site and there were a lot of policemen or military forces around the site. One of us asked the tour guide what the site is. However, the tour guide claimed that he does not know. The constriction site is not a secret project anyway, one may look it up with ease on the internet. I have no idea why the tour guide did not want to answer us. Perhaps he could not be bothered to explain about it within such a short time. The construction site is actually the New Safe Confinement, which is intended to replace the present sarcophagus and to contain the radioactive remains of reactor no.4 for next 100 years, preventing radioactive materials from leaking to the environment. Later when we were on the tour bus, the tour guide said we could take photos of the new sarcophagus from the bus, though. It was not on my side of window so I did not manage to take any photos of it.

The monument dedicated to the victims and reactor no. 4.

On the left of reactor no. 4 is the New Safe Confinement, of which we were not allowed to take photos.

Geiger counter provided by the travel agency. The reading is normally around 1. But when getting closer to the reactor, as seen in the photo, it rose to 3.43 and up to 10 or more when getting closer to hot spots.
Chernobyl/ Pripyat, Ukraine Pt.4: Entering Pripyat and recreation centre


  1. The counter looks like a toy..."

    1. haha but it is not as light as a toy!