Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Chernobyl/ Pripyat, Ukraine Pt.4


It took us just few minutes from reactor no.4 to the sign of Pripyat. We did some regular tourist stuff there and then we got back to the bus, heading to Pripyat. Once we got off the bus, we saw all the buildings for important infrastructures of Pripyat- Polissya hotel, gymnasium, supermarket, restaurant, furniture store. 

Pripyat is an abandoned city located in northern Ukraine, near the border wit Belarus. It was intended to built in 1970 for the workers, who worked at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, as well as their families. The city has been abandoned since the disaster. However, the residents were not evacuated immediately and lived as usual after the disaster. At first, the officials blacked out the news of the disaster, but then they realized the seriousness of the disaster and they could not keep the information from public anymore. The 50,000 residents were evacuated after 36 hours of the disaster. They only had few hours to grab important belongings with them.

We did not go further inside Pripyat. As far as I know, there are much more facilities, such as a hospital, clinics, schools and factories, etc. Since time was limited, we could only check some of the important infrastructures.We had to be very careful of not stepping on the moss while our attention was being attracted by the abandonments. Snow was not thick on some part of the ground and moss had high radiation so we had to looked at the ground all the time when walking. After few minutes walk we entered a huge building, which is a recreation centre with many infrastructures- there are a disco, a theatre, a gymnasium and a swimming pool. Actually, to my surprise, we were allowed to enter the buildings! As some buildings were collapsed few years ago, I thought that for our safety, we were not going to go into the buildings.So, I was pretty glad.

The building is big so we could not stay long for each section. As I had to take photos, I was always left behind...

We are there!
Polissya hotel, one of the highest building in Pripyat, was built to house delegations and guests who visited the nuclear plant. It is featured in Call of Duty 4.
One of the silhouettes. There are a few on white walls and pillars.
Recreation centre- the first building we entered.
Entrance of a disco.
Landmark of Pripyat.


Swimming pool. Someone sneaked in before and left the graffiti.
A circle room with unknown purpose.
Chernobyl/ Pripyat, Ukraine Pt.5: Amusement park, supermarket and furniture store


  1. I spent three days there, and I'm glad I did; it is too big to see everything even in three days.

    1. wow three days! I wished I could stay three days too ><