Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Chernobyl/ Pripyat, Ukraine Pt.5

Landmark of Pripyat.

 After visiting the recreation centre, we headed to the landmark of Pripyat, which is, of course, the Ferris wheel. The snow was pretty thick. The amusement park was not far but it took us some time to walk to there.

There was another group at the amusement park. I think there are only two groups for today. We could spend 10 minutes there to take photos. With a clear blue and white snow, an amazing view is created and such view I have never seen on the internet before. However, under the tour guide's surveillance, we could not get on the Ferris wheel. Besides the Ferris wheel, there are also other amusement rides, such as bumper cars and skydiver.

Next stop is a small store room with various propaganda posters. There are three posters with communist leaders from the Soviet era. We were not allowed to go further. The tour guide said it was dangerous, so we left the building and moved to next destination- supermarket and furniture store. 

The supermarket was very wet with an icy floor. Snow was melting and water was dripping. It was difficult to walk on the ice. On the other hand, the furniture store was dry. Piano, violin and typewriter were even available at the furniture store.

That is all what we have checked. It was almost three o' clock and we could finally go to toilet and have lunch. Before having lunch, we had to check the radiation level of our body. We could only leave after we had confirmed the level was safe.

They served much for lunch- salad, soup, pastas, meat and vegetables. It was a waste that we could not finish all food... While having the food, The group could finally have a chance to share our views and get to each other(although it was almost time to say goodbye...) To my surprise, some Europeans did not know where Chernobyl is until recent months. I thought all of them had to learn about it at school. 

After the meal, the tour guide had to leave us. He was a great and hilarious tour guide, very friendly as well. We thanked him and then we had to check our radiation level again. It took us another two hours back to the city.


Ferris wheel.

Worn-out seats.

Ferris wheel again.

Bumper cars.

Store room with posters.

Propaganda posters- Lenin?and?

Flag of the Soviet Union.

A cart in supermarket.

Another cart on icy floor.


Piano in furniture store.


Chairs at furniture store.

On the way to canteen.

Checking radiation level.
On the right is our tour guide, left is a guy from our group.

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