Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mini party, Moscow

Moskva River.
Rooftops in Moscow are so much different from those in Hong Kong- Moscow is a big city without a lot of skyscrapers and is flat without mountains, so whichever rooftops one goes, one may see the whole view of the city. Unlike in Hong Kong, if one does not go to the highest building in the district, the view will be blocked by mountains and skyscrapers.

One other different thing is that, in Hong Kong, doors to rooftops are not allowed to be locked, which is regulated by the Fire Service Ordinance. However, in Moscow, all the doors are locked unless the locks have been broken by rooftoppers.

The building we went to was a residential building, around 10 floors tall. Password is required to enter the building but one can open it with a little force. My friends explained, "this is Russia."(They explained everything with it.) After going through the door to the rooftop, there is a floor with stones and a very low ceiling, like a penthouse. We walked a little bit and climbed a ladder then we reached the roof! This roof is not flat. It is pointed, specially designed for snowy climate, which cannot be seen in Hong Kong.

It is like a common practice for the Russians to drink on the rooftops but in Hong Kong I do not do that. I always have the fear that if I get drunk I will fall from the roof. So, "when in Moscow, do as the Moscowers do"- we had two bottles of white wine on the roof and it was around 0 degree Celsius...

One of the Seven Sisters- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The roof (at the back) is not flat and me crawling...

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