Monday, 3 June 2013

Abandoned Magazine Building, Hong Kong

Dog bones found in the Magazine Building.
The former Magazine Building was built by the British Dynamite Company(later became Nobel's Explosives Company) in 1887, which is located on a deserted island in Hong Kong. It was the largest private explosives depot in Hong Kong, providing explosives to British Forces Overseas Hong Kong. In 1908, due to some military reason and competition against the government's depot, the government did not renew the company's contract and the magazine building was closed.

As the depot was vacant since then, the fishermen occupied the building and stored harpoons for catching fish. Later, harpoons were banned. The building became empty again and has been abandoned until now.

The island was once a restricted area and there was an Indian man, probably with a dog, guarding the island- not everyone could go to that island. Nowadays, anyone can go to the island. Some people go there to fish during weekends. However, only few people seem to know about this depot in Hong Kong.

It was 30+ degree Celcius. There was no way for us to go to the building. We had to climb a little bit cliff with bare hands as we did not expect that so we did not bring any tools...and then we went into the bushes. We stepped on the bushes, broke them and walked through them. It would take us only 15 minutes from the small pier to the depot if there was a way! It took us more than an hour in the end...

On the way back to the city, the boatman told us the Japanese army left much gold in the depot during WWII, asking if we found the gold...haha. He said it was the first time to take people there, who went there for the depot, instead of fishing.

The small brown building on the top of the island is the Magazine Building.
Before entering into the bushes, we had to climb through this cliff.
The guy there went to the island for fishing.
Three big kings. Came. 1964.4.6
The depot.


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