Sunday, 7 July 2013

Abandoned cinema #2, Hong Kong

An abandoned cinema in Chinese style.
This is an abandoned cinema on an island in Hong Kong. It was a two-storey building. Ground floor was a reception and a house, and the first floor was a film showing room.

The cinema was open in 1931. In the 30s, the cinema only showed silent films. Someone would explain the content of the films. Except during the period of WWII, the cinema served the residents on the island over 60 years.  The cinema showed Cantonese and Western films, one film during the day, two during the night.

There were over 600 seats in the cinema. In its peak period, it was always full house. Even the hallways were filled with people. In front of the cinema, there were hawkers selling different kinds of snacks.

The cinema was closed in the 90s and abandoned till now.

Same as the fate of other abandonments, the owner planned to sell the land to developers and build luxury houses. However, as the price did not meet the owner's expectation, the cinema is abandoned till now.

The ceiling is collapsed.

Advertising board.

The numbers of the seats are in strange sequence.

The white screen was bought from overseas. The owner of the cinema had to install it on his own according to the user manual.
Some people stored stuff there.

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