Friday, 5 July 2013

Fare thee well, Hong Kong

I rule the world.
It was a farewell to a friend from Russia, whom I met through my blog. It was an interesting story. He found me from Bohemian Blog and sent me a message. He was studying in Shenzhen and would like some locals to show him some non-tourist places in Hong Kong. The funny thing is that, I received his message not long after I arrived in Moscow. It is like we switched places. After the travel in Russia and Ukraine, I met him in Hong Kong and we started to explore now and then together. 

He started to like rooftops and found it relaxing there. So I picked this roof as a farewell to this friendly Russian boy. This roof is 15+ floors high, located in a busy district, facing a square of a shopping mall. When I stood on the edge, looking down to the road, everything was so surreal to me. The people did not see me and they were very small, like a moving figure. However, it was scary...standing less than one minute there was like forever. I think, it proves what I quoted in the Roofopping page- "...when something really magnificent or significant occurs, you say it is as if 'time stands still.'"

The Russian friend whom I got to know through this blog.
Street view. Looks like a model of the street instead a real one.


  1. i just came across your blog after googling 'urban exploration' and was wondering if you'd be willing to show me a few places in HK! i'd also love to go rooftopping with you as well (:

    - Brenda (

    1. Hi, do you live in HK or you are coming to HK soon?

  2. Hi Airin,

    I found your blog also by looking for urban exploration in Hong Kong!

    I liked your posts a lot, I love heights and rooftopping so I am quite excited to come to Hong Kong. I'm going to be in Hong Kong for 1 day & night on September 3rd.

    If you are free and able to show me any spot that would be awesome. I'll be going to S. Korea after, and then back to Japan where I would be happy to show you some places I have explored.

    If you are free or even busy please email/message me, I can try and delay my flights if it helps.

    Thanks and great blog!