Monday, 1 July 2013

1st July, Hong Kong

Demonstration on 1 July.

Today is the 16th anniversary of the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China. There is demonstration every year on this day. Many of the people, especially the poor and the middle class, are very disappointed and dissatisfied with the performance of the HKSAR government. Moreover, in recent years, the life of Hongkongers are very much disturbed by the mainland Chinese. There are countless conflicts between Hongkoners and Mainlanders every day. Their relationship is getting tenser and tenser day by day.

Yesterday, my friends and I spared some time to check out the rooftops so that we would be able to see the demonstration and take photos. We found one in Wan Chai, a district near the meeting point of the demonstration. We checked four rooftops but this one we are most satisfied with. 

We got to the roof around 3 o'clock and there were already two reporters. We took some photos of the demonstration then I got prepared for taking a photo of me, as usual, sitting on the edge. However, this time is a little bit different- I held the flag of the British colony of Hong Kong used from 1959 to 1997 and wore the mask of V for Vendetta. The mask, to Hongkongers, symbolizes the stand against hegemony. Since 2010, protesters started to wear this mask. It is also convenient for protesters as they can hide their faces.

I, holding the flag, do not intend to mean that I want to reminisce or go back to the colonial time. The flag is merely a symbol for request of a better rule. What a government is supposed to do is, very simple- to work for the people and to achieve most happiness of the people. Politics is dirty and dark. Nevertheless, as long as most of the people are happy with their life, in my opinion, the government is worth being supported, no matter what dirty means they use. Compared the colonial time with now, people were happier back then. The current government under the Chinese rule, apparently, fails. I am doing this, just to stir up the emotions of people and let them think- why would someone still want to hold the flag, now? What you resist, persists. I do not resist the Chinese rule but I pursue a better rule.

There were reporters, policemen and photographers on the roof.I took the photos when reporters and policemen were not there but there was one photographer. He took some photos of me and uploaded on the internet. The photo was being shared more then 10,000 times and there are many discussions over the photo. Although many people misunderstand me, I choose to stay silent. They will find their answer in their own way.

Further reading(Chinese):

Me wearing a mask and holding the flag of the British colony of Hong Kong.

It was typhoon signal no.3 and it rained heavily from time to time.


Protesters from Falun Gong.