Sunday, 1 September 2013

Abandoned?active? cement plant, Hong Kong

An abandoned cement plant.

This is an abandoned cement plant located on an island in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I have no historical background of this place, but the building itself is very intriguing. Judging from the name of the cement, I guess it was built by the Japanese. The plant is called ASANO CEMENT..."Coincidentally", the cement king of the Meiji period is also called Asano... Perhaps the plant was owned by the Asano enterprise, now known as Taiheiyo Cement.
We went there twice. The first time we went there by walking along the hiking trail- failed. We went through a gate to the restricted area. Along the way, there were a lot of huge spiders. After walking like 10 minutes, I saw 3 dogs running towards us silently! I was shocked. Usually, the dogs will bark to scare away the intruder if someone enters their territory. They ran very fast without making a sound as if they were well trained. My company told me that actually there were more than 10 dogs! I started already to run before I saw all of them. I had dog food with me but it was apparently not enough to bribe them.

Mission failed. 

We came back another Sunday. This time we went to the plant by a small boat. Although there were a lot of boats along the habour, it was not easy to find a boatman as it is not a common practice there to carry people to the other side of the island. It took us some time to find one. The boatman was very nice and talkative. 

There were people living near the plant. They have 3 dogs but this time, the dogs were scared of me. We tried going into the building, we gave up in the end though. It was way too dusty- far more dusty than we could imagine. I only spent 1 minute inside but all my clothes were in gray. It was not only bad to our lungs but also our cameras, I guess. I had respiratory allergy twice already due to the visit of dusty places. Speaking from experience, I better not insist in going in. We just hanged around the tower, which was enough to excite me. I am so fascinated by metal steels, imperfect symmetry and endless repetition. This building has all these elements!

It was a bit scary to walk on the stairs as we did not know the condition of the building. It seemed ok and safe. But still, we had a little concern. I stepped on something before and they collapsed. It seems that the more I explore, the more concerns I have...It was very comfortable to lay down on the top of the tower and look at the other side of the island. It was so not Hong Kong which all know.

[1.4.2014 edited]
I am not sure if it is abandoned. According to the boatman, it is abandoned but one of my urbex buddies went there and figured out that there were people working during weekdays.

A warehouse.
What is that?

Inside the plant. Too dusty.
My shadow.

Metal gear?

I am so fascinated by metal steels, repetition and geometry....

From the roof of the plant.
A pipe.
A trolley.
The other side of the plant.


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