Friday, 20 September 2013

Abaondoned leprosy village, Macau

An abandoned leprosy village.
This village was located on the very east of Coloane in Macau. The last group of leprosy patients was re-located at this village in late 19th century. There were 5 single-storey houses in Portuguese style facing the mountain and sea on the back. (In Hong Kong, developers would buy off the land as soon as possible and build luxury houses, mainly aiming at mainland Chinese, to sell them at ridiculous prices. For such location, it is impossible to be abandoned and forgotten in Hong Kong.) 

It was very crowded. At its peak time, there were about 20 patients living in each house. In each houses, there were several double-decker beds or even third high berths. It was not convenient for the patients to move around so they stayed in the village most of the time. They farmed and caught fishes on their own. They also received some food from the government.

In the 60s, a Father, who was not afraid of leprosy, came to this village to help and take care the patients. Within a few years, he built pounds, small factories, tiny farmlands and electricity generators. Father gave the patients warmth and love unconditionally. After the patients passed away, they would be buried in the mountain near the village. 

In the 90s, an aged home was built in the village, for the cured leprosy patients who have become old. Unlike the single-storey houses, the aged home was well facilitated so that the elderly could be well taken care of. The aged home is now abandoned. The elderly are relocated in another aged home.

One of the 5 houses.
The biggest house in the village.
Traces of people living there.
Statue of St. Mary.

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