Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Abandoned amusement park, China

An abandoned amusement park in China.
In my opinion, urban exploration in China is isolated from the scene of the rest of the world. As most Chinese explorers cannot speak English, or the Western explorers cannot speak Chinese, it is difficult for them to have urbex exchange. Some may even think that there is not urbex in China at all. I was told some times that they never knew that there are urbexers in Hong Kong. 

Actually, the urbex community in China is very big and organized. They have a few forums with informative reports and photos. In each region, they have their own team and leader. The urbex community is quite organized in Beijing, Shanghai and Northern China. Unfortunately...I have not got to know the team from Southern China yet...maybe there is none. But good new is, the Russian friend whom I mentioned in a previous post, provided me some good locations.

I am always fascinated by abandoned amusement parks. Regular ones are always so crowded and it takes forever to queue for a ride, so abandoned ones are more attractive. This is an amusement park in China, located in a quiet residential area for well-off people. The park was one of the first few amusement parks opened in China in the 80s. It served the local as well as the tourists from all over China more than 20 years. It was closed in 2011 and the reason is still unknown.

One part of the park has been turned into an art museum. Cars can drive through the park to get to the other part of the district but random visitors are not allowed. We met some visitors, young guys and old men, inside, though. We saw some old men fishing, wandering around. To our surprise, there is actually a family occupied a part of the park! They have their own house with electricity supply! They even rear chickens at the "back garden". I joked with the kid if they were selling herbal tea and he was a little scared by me.

It was getting dark. Somehow there were getting more dogs. A security guard saw us and told us to go. He brought the dogs with him but the dogs liked us. He figured out we are from Hong Kong by just our appearance so he talked to us in Cantonese. He did not lead us to the entrance. After leaving him, we continued our exploration until it was dark.

China is a big land to explore!

Roller coaster with residential and commercial buildings in the back.

Roller coaster.
Weird lamp posts.

Water ride.

Ferris wheel.

Ferris wheel and sunset.

Reminds me of tunnel of love in Ukraine.
No idea what it was.
Three Chinese gods.
Bumper cars.

Exit of ghost house.
A small castle.


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