Thursday, 14 November 2013

A giant neon sign, Hong Kong

On a billboard.
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This roof is a swimming pool. The other side is interesting- there is a giant billboard with neon lights but I had to walk along a ledge to that side...which is pretty scary and yet exciting. I went to this roof with an American explorer. He was heading to South Korea via Hong Kong so we had little time to explore. It was a great time with him.

The roof is pretty big. It took me some time to walk through the whole roof. As the roof is not flat, I had to go up and down, felt like doing some sort of exercise. Rooftopping is actually some sort of exercise, I think.

I like to sit on roofs and just day dream, which is relaxing for my mind. I usually spend more time day dreaming than taking photos. After that, my friend and I climbed up to the top of the billboard, to see the whole district. Am I afraid of death? Not at all. (But I am afraid of height.) If you do not understand death, you cannot fully understand life.

In front of a giant neon sign.
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Climbing a cat ladder.
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  1. Hi, I was wondering hwo you accessed the roof?