Thursday, 26 December 2013

Abandoned love motel, Japan

An abandoned love motel.

I planned to go to the motel on my own.But my American friend whom I went to roofs with not long ago happened to be in Japan too! It is always better to go urbex at least with one person. I sometimes go on my own but I still prefer going in group.

This motel is located far from city centre. It is not difficult to find. We walked an hour under rain. On our way we saw more cars than people... It is a residential area but strangely, residents could be hardly seen.

If we did not look closely, we could have missed the motel. It was kind of hidden. Moreover, the building appeared to be very "humble", which is not my impression on a love motel. When we reached the location, we eventually understood the reason why such an interesting motel was shut down. It was just too far...and only convenient for those who had cars.

The motel was opened in the early 70s. It did not operate a long time though. According to our observation, it could probably be closed in the 80s. Although the building looked very plain, the interior shocked me. The motel offered ten rooms with different themes in both Japanese and Western styles. Sadly some part of the motel collapsed so we could not visit all rooms. 

Each room has a very beautiful Japanese name. From the unique decorations, we could tell the owner spent a lot of time considering the interior designs. In the rooms, we could find bottled drinks from the 80s, even a used condom, with a contemporary designed package.

We spent approximately two hours there and walked another hour to the station, hoping to manage to meet our friends for dinner at the city centre.

A room in Japanese style.

In each room, there is a telephone with the name of the room on it. Right one is the price list.

Unique decorations.

A strange bathtub.

Another room.

One of my favourite!

Another favourite! After 30 years, this room is still so complete.

Another room in Japanese style.

A regular bathtub.

Food from the 80s.

Sitting in the circled bed room.

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