Sunday, 29 December 2013

A billboard, Japan

On a billboard.
Rooftopping in Asia is not popular at all. Many people come to Hong Kong for rooftopping but the locals are doing it without realizing it. In Hong Kong, it is common to dry the laundry , store stuff or smoke on the roof. However, rarely do the people infiltrate to a building just to go to the roof and take photos.

I talked to some Japanese about rooftopping. Their first response is "You will get caught!"- as expected- they obey the rules. On the other hand, the Russians question about the rules. Perhaps it is the reason why there are so many rooftoppers in Russia. I was wondering if there are any Japanese rooftoppers...if there is, please let me know.

Old buildings are easy. The roofs are open. This one I went to is around 10 floors high, facing a busy street with lots of restaurants and karaoke. This district is so dense that I could actually walk from one roof to another! They are connected! There are giant billboards on the roofs. I climbed on one of them. As I was wearing a dress and boots, it was not easy for me. I dared not to climb to another one. If I were in sneakers and pants, I would. My friend said my outfit for rooftopping was just too fancy.

Me and my sim people.
The ladder of the billboard is way too small!

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