Sunday, 1 December 2013

Old and new, Hong Kong

The real Hong Kong.
One night, a Canadian roofopper, a German urbex newbie and I walked past a residential building and the door was opened, so we were like "why not?". We got up to the roof without any difficulties. The toppest floor was interesting. The hallway and the corridor are decorated like a tiny gallery.

The roof is not big, not so high, around 20 floors but I like the view. It reflects Hong Kong truly. Hong Kong has limited land, especially on Hong Kong island, most of which is mountain. Moreover, in the old time, land use was not well-planned so we can see a lot of mixture of land use in Hong Kong. This district is a good example of mixture of residential and commercial land use. The short buildings are supposed to be residential but now part of them are shops now. Only this block has short and old buildings. Around this block are all tall commercial or residential buildings.It is a mix of past and now, old and modern- a very strong contrast.

I have been living my whole life in this kind of old building and I like it- comfortable with high ceiling, practical use of space(as the apartments are all rectangles, it is easier to put furniture. Some of the new apartments are diamond shaped, so people are forced to buy the special made furniture from developers), close relationships with neighbours. However, they are vanishing...and will be replaced by high buildings with kitsch designs.

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  1. This blog is the coolest thing ever. I live on the mainland but I've going to be in Hong Kong from the 9th to the 15th. Would you be interested in meeting up sometime? If you'd like, e-mail me and I can tell you more about myself.

    Carrot425 at gmail.

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  3. Hey Airin! :) Would def love to meet up sometime as well. I'm from Sydney but travel to HK quite often - I think Damon passed on my contacts to you x

    1. Hi- Darmon passes contacts to me from time to time, but who are you?