Sunday, 29 December 2013

Toho, Japan

Shinjuku at night.

I heard that two guys were caught in the construction site of sky tree and were put into jail for 1.5 years. I was thinking, if we got caught at this site, probably we would be banned from Japan for some years or forever.

We were lucky.

Unlike construction sites in Hong Kong, the site was so well- fended that it was impossible to find a gap to sneak in. We decided to climb from a window of building standing right next to it. That means, if someone closed the window, we would be trapped in the site until we got found. If we fell, we might die. For god's sake it was the end of the year, which was holiday for Japanese companies so everyone went home for New Year. No one noticed one of the window was opened.

According to my American friend, the structure of this site was very different from those in the States. The floor was just made by a thin piece of metal. There were big holes everywhere. If we were not careful enough, we would fall from ths site, and definitely die.

Sadly, as we were not familiar with Japanese construction sites, we could not find a way to the crane. I was not prepared for urbex either, physically. I was in a dress! We gave up in the end.

In Japan everyone rushes for last train to home; otherwise they go to karaoke or internet cafe until the first train, no exception for urban explorer! It was cold and windy. My hands were so dry that they were getting red and painful. There were no more time for me to explore more as well as I had to catch the last train. We kind of rushed down and I had to run to the station! And yes, the window was still wide opened!

big holes everywhere.

Another side of Shinjuku.

The edge was the only way we could walk on.

Skyscrapers from West Shinjuku.

No entrance.

We climbed from this window.

Not prepared for urbex.
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