Sunday, 6 April 2014

A windy day, China

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268m above the ground... and I realized that Hong Kong is the most interesting place for rooftopping. It is so dense that on different roofs you can have different views. However, in other cites, tallest buildings are concentrated in the city centre. Low-rise buildings spread from the centre to the country side. So, basically on different roofs you have the same views. The first roof in the city may bring you surprise; the second one will be ok- as the view is similar; the third one will get boring... In Hong Kong, roofs never disappoint you. They always have interesting and unique views.

It was very windy. The first time I had running nose and tears because of the wind on the roof. Roof is a good place to chat with friends but as usual I did not talk much with my rooftopping mate.

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A sim city.

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