Sunday, 27 April 2014

Picnic on a roof, Hong Kong

We hit up a roof and had a picnic up there before my Ukrainian friend caught her flight back home. It was a memorable night. We bought some food from a convenient store and a fast food restaurant. Explorers are interesting people. We always have endless stories to share, and a lot of crazy stuff to do together.

Taking photos, chatting about adventures, having food and facing the splendid night view- I could actually tell my friend I just had a great meal at(on) a five- star hotel. Hope to see my friend in Ukraine again.

Our view for the picnic.

Another angle.

My Ukrainian friend.

Looking down.


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    1. 對呢~在上面享用晚餐一流~

  2. this view is absolutely amazing!! would you mind telling me which rooftop this was? im hoping to do something similar with my friend, and would really appreciate it if you could recommend a place! i love your work, by the way, its all beautiful and so, so breathtaking.

    1. Sorry I just saw your comment. Thanks! You can e-mail me regarding the locations as I don't reveal in public :)