Sunday, 4 May 2014

Abandoned reception centre, Hong Kong

An abandoned reception centre.
Being abandoned on an isolated island for years, and only until recently, it draws attentions of curious public, thanks to explorers. Same as many other islands, there is no public transportation to the island. Luckily, I still remembered the boatman who sailed us to the abandoned magazine building.

I have been seeing this island almost every day, wondering what is on it. Now the myth is being disclosed. When we arrived the island, what we first saw was a drug treatment and rehabilitation centre, still active. We hiked a bit, to the other side of the island. There stood five emptied rectangular buildings. They were the detention centre we were looking for.

During the Vietnam War, thousands of refugees fled to Hong Kong. Some illegal immigrants first arrived at this reception centre for quarantine inspection, then they were sent to Victoria Prison. The centre was closed in 2009. I doubt what is the function of these buildings after they completed their historical mission, though. There have not been a lot of illegal immigrants coming from water anymore in recent years, I guess, since 90s. So, during this period, what are the function of these buildings? It remains unknown. There is no official information.

It is said that the island would be turned into a tourist spot for locals. In my opinion, the chance is not very high as there is a rehab centre. It is also said that the abandoned reception centre would become a private police club...Well, it is possible, maybe in ten years.

Before we arrived the main halls, we found an office.
A sign.

A hallway connects to all halls.
A huge bedroom.
A type writer.
Some old school stuff.
Notices in English, Chinese and Vietnamese.
No entry.
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