Saturday, 5 July 2014

HKU, Hong Kong


After work, I met up with three explorers, two from the States, one from Croatia. It was not the first time we explored together, but the combination was new. Things would go smooth if going with experienced explorers. I am not good with going with newbies as I do not feel comfortable when I see their worried faces. Those two from the States are more like "drainers". Unfortunately, I am more informed about abandoned places, rooftops or subway tunnels. I have never been to a drain in Hong Kong.The Croatian came all the way to Hong Kong and make his own drone. They all have funny stories to tell. Hanging out with these guys was never boring. It is always sad to say goodbye to explorers because we do not know when and where we will meet again.

Having a night meal after a rooftop, we all met up in front of SOGO and head to HKU station with some snacks and alcohol. The construction site was not difficult to find, but the way to the tunnel was a bit difficult to figure out. From the entrance, we walked 12 levels and then a long way till we found the escalator to the platform. One of use doubted that if we went to the wrong site. He has never seen a subway construction site designed like this, but I was absolutely sure it was the right site. The construction site was located on a hill so it made perfectly sense that it would take a long way to the tunnel.

We ate and drank in the tunnel- usual practice during exploration. We took photos and then wanted to walk to next station.While we were walking, we heard some noise made from the subway train! It could be coming to us- we did not know. We ran anyway, as fast as we could, till a safe place. "Did I drink too much? or is it really sounds from the train?" I asked. It was not my illusion. Everyone could hear. Luckily, the train did not come to our direction. At the mean time, we noticed there were not just us, so we left as soon as possible before getting all the people in trouble. Do not forget we had to walk all the way up under this typical hot and humid Hong Kong summer weather...

The way to platform is pretty long...



Usual practice.

"Good people going to heaven train"

Hmmm, interesting.

Entrance and exit.

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