Saturday, 11 October 2014

A yellow umbrella, Hong Kong

A yellow umbrella.
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Umbrella is supposed to block sunlight or rain drops... However, recently in Hong Kong, it is used to protect oneself from tear gas or pepper spray.

At first, it was only few hundreds students protesting for a democracy outside Central Government Complex. On 27th September midnight, police arrested some students violently. This triggered many politically indifferent Hong Hongers. They came out and wanted to protect the students. Thousands of people started protesting. Police wanted to disperse protesters by using tear gas and pepper spray but in vain. People were not afraid. More came on the street and the protest area spread to other districts as well- this is a brief background of the well-known "Umbrella Revolution". Now yellow umbrella is the sign of this movement.

I intended to go to the roof that has a perfect view of the biggest protest area but we could only have five to ten minutes so I gave up. This time I had guests from Australia and France. We ended up going to another protest area and took a look of the umbrella installation art from above.

Installation art.
My usual view.

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