Saturday, 15 November 2014

Abandoned residence, Hong Kong

Photo credit to Ka Long.

Near the hiking trace, with sharp eyes, one can see two gates to two abandoned houses. One of the gates used to be opened but now it is closed, which cannot stop curious people from exploring though.

The two houses are now not mobilized at all. Although once there lived a famous Chinese painter, no trace of daily living activities is found, except few chairs and umbrellas standing at the entrance of one of the houses, from which we know that sometimes security guard sits there. The land is now belonged to the government.

The house was big and hidden enough for us to do some steel wool shoots. I know I am outdated but it was my first steel wool experience ever! Abandonment is always a good choice of location for steel wool shoots... I hit my head and legs and hurt my fingers but it was so much fun.

(I lost my photos of this place...all are taken by my friends...I will upload my photos as soon as possible if I can recover them.)

Photo credit to Ka Long.
We are trying some other aspects to take photos.

Photo credit to Ka Long.

Photo credit to Ka Long.
My first steel wool experience!!

Photo credit to Leo.
Also my first light painting experience.

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