Monday, 9 March 2015

Sky garden, Hong Kong

View from sky garden. Polluted air from China...

I had been having fever for four days and luckily the fever was gone on the day I met the boys!  They are from Australia and Russia. Though I still had pain in my ear, I managed to climb something.

We entered a building randomly and found out the rooftop of the building is actually a sky garden! On the way to the roof we passed a gym room. A guys was running in the gym but he did not seem to care about the "invaders". 

The view was pretty nice on the roof. We could see the mountain view and the habour view as well. One bad thing was the air was really polluted...My foreign friends once asked me if there is a blue and clear sky in Hong Kong. I said only in Summer as the wind is blown from Winter from China...

We spent quite a lot time there then moved on to our next target.

It took me forever to finish walking on this...

Light collecting.

Sky garden. These guys are fun!

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