Tuesday, 7 April 2015

An evil spell, Hong Kong

Some windows are stolen.
Perhaps the fengshui here is really bad- quite a number of murders happened in this building. A body was found in a cardboard; A corpse was being burnt; Someone hanged himself and some other strange murder cases. The most horrifying case is that a guy chopped his parents in pieces in an apartment few years ago. Did someone cast spell on this building?

This building is constructed in a very complicated design. It is H shaped with seven staircases connecting three streets. There are more than thirty apartments on each floor. Such design helps the escapes of criminals. That district also accumulated a lot of grass roots. The building has naturally become a hot bed of crime. 

This building will be torn down and reconstructed into a new one. Therefore, many apartments are empty now. Only a few families are still living there. It is now semi- abandoned. If I were not careful enough, I would have bumped into spider web, really right into my face.

We went all the way up to the roof first. There was no elevators as it is not taller than 9 floors, according to relevant laws. Although the roof was an open area, somehow it was very smelly. We had no idea where the smell from. There was water logging, pieces of glass, rubbish, etc on the roof. We did not stay long and then moved down. Many apartments were very messy. Many personal belongings and furniture were left behind. Some of the windows were stolen, probably, for sale.

On a floor we got spotted by a security guard, or a crazy man. He yelled at us, "What are you doing here" for like twenty times. We did reply many times but he just kept asking. He got closer to us and my friend was actually ready to run away because he was worried that this crazy man would attack us. I yelled back at the crazy man that he was too loud. After explaining to him the reason why we were here, we walked down to another floor, pretending we were leaving. 

We walked to third floor and stopped in front of the room where bodies were chopped into pieces. We did not enter- ghost hunting is always not my aim or interest. (I live in this world. I want to know about this world. I do not want anything to do with another world.) 



Crazy man at the end of the corridor.


Entrance of the crime scene.