Sunday, 7 June 2015

Abadoned Hakka village, Hong Kong

Really like the colour.
It was a TV interview today. My friend, who I got to know not long after I started urban exploration, learnt from a stranger about this place, which is sometimes a good way to get information on locations. The stranger used to live at the village when he was young. I have mentioned about the death of villages in Hong Kong earlier. If you are interested, please read Abandoned village #1, Hong Kong

It was really hot and humid today (This year's June has broken the hottest record in Hong Kong) but we still had to wear pants to protect ourselves from mosquito bites and abrasions by the woods. It was the worst urban exploration experience ever. I could stand the hotness and insects. Being bitten by thousands of mosquitoes was totally unbearable though. Once I stopped moving, there would be 20 mosquitoes on me. It was so hard for me to concentrate. Also, I am not so interested in abandoned villages as they all look the same to me. The first few times were still interesting though.

The recording took like 2~3 hours, longer than we expected. I really appreciated the old cameramen walking with these young people. It was quite a physical challenged for them. Since I could not concentrate and do not have much interest. I only took a few photos.

The camera man.

A bowl with old design.

The crew.

Chopsticks holder- I have one at home.


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