Friday, 21 August 2015

Mid-levels, Hong Kong

My Russian brother.
My lovely lovely Russian boy is in town! He is like my little Russian brother. He invited me to go rooftopping before he leaves Hong Kong. This hot and humid afternoon we walked up 35 floors and climbed a bit. Some of us did not bring water! Bringing water on any adventures is advised...

My legs kept shaking when we were getting back down. We also had to walk all the way back down since we were on the hill. I am not going to do this again this summer... I have not been training up recently. I feel like my physical strength not so strong like last summer.

Crazy boys.

Someone's pentry.

Preparing for a selfie.


Habour view.


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    1. yes高須クリニック

  2. the roof-topping addicts) Aren't you?) How did you dare to do that? WE are totally amused at your adventures!!!

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