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Timeless Dimension

Urban explorers:
A good friend of mine based in S.Korea. Jon has been visited more than 100 locations in S.Korea. His blog features not only photos of abandonments but also music shows and rooftops.

The Bohemian Blog
A good friend of mine based in Bulgaria. Darmon's blog features a lot of exploring locations around the world with descriptive information.

Totoro Times
A French explorer based in Japan. Jordy's website includes urbex reports in Japan, as well as stunning and interesting photos of Japan.

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  1. Hi Airin!

    I'm Nochi from the Philippines.Also a Photographer/urbexer.

    We saw your blog hours ago and we were amazed with the locations you explored there.We are going to hongkong this march2014 and we are just wondering if we could meet you on that month..

    We are interested to explore locations there for a day. =)

    You can check my works here:


    I'm just using my girlfriend's account coz I don't have a google+ account.

    Hope to hear from you soon,