I am not being arrogant but if you want to explore with me, please read the followings before contact me:
  1. Can I explore with you?
    Sure, only if you have a proper self-introduction. I have a life and work all the time. I do not meet mysterious people who just drop me a line without telling me the basic background of their own. Self- introduction is basic courtesy...I would like to know a bit of you before actually meeting you.
  2. Can we meet up this weekend?
    Nope, no short notice please. I plan my weekend two weeks in advance. If you contact me earlier, I can arrange better and urbex together.
  3. Any recommendations of roofs?
    Just anywhere you want to go. You do not need my permission or validation to start rooftopping.
  4. Can you tell me about the security of certain places?
    Sorry, I do not talk about security in public.
  5. Can you tell me the locations of certain places?
    Yes, but not in public.
  6. I am an urbex newbie! Can you show me around?
    I can give you some locations and you try on your own first. Once you figure out what urbex is, we can explore together. The reason behind this is that I cannot handle others' fear...I can just stand aside and look at you if you cannot move.
  7. How come you do not update?
    I want to update more often...but I am really occupied. Stay tuned...
  8. What is your e-mail?
    It is written on my Google+ profile. If you send me an e-mail titled "krysha", you will get a fast reply. Or you may contact me by the contact form on the right side of the blog. Please do not contact me through Facebook.

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